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This design sprint project aims to address the issue of inadequate knowledge and awareness of CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) in India, where heart problems are on the rise. The objective is to explore how technology can be leveraged and push it's potential to solve this problem within a short timeframe of a few days.
Project Overview 🗺️ 
*Problem Identification
*Quick Research 


*App Concept Design
*Interaction design 

Note - This case study serves as a brief exploration of an idea and is not intended as a final product. The study includes a visual representation of the concept and other user experience (UX) explorations to demonstrate how the idea could work in practice.


CPR (short for cardiopulmonary resuscitation) is a first aid technique that can be used if someone is not breathing properly or if their heart has stopped. 

CPR involves chest compressions and mouth-to-mouth breathing to circulate blood and oxygen in the body and keep vital organs alive


In today's hyper-connected world, the power of information technology is at our fingertips.

As of the start of 2023, India had 692.0 million internet users.

The easy access to high-quality tech literally in our pockets is astounding. Our devices are an extension of our bodies, allowing us to seamlessly integrate technology into our daily lives

power of mordern day smartphone.jpeg

Credits - Adobe 


I thought about how we can harness the power of technology to solve this problem of awareness and also think of utilizing these devices in unconventional ways to save lives.

Brief - to explore ideas and ways on how can we create awareness and assist anyone via tech who is totally unaware of any kind of education about performing  CPR thus trying to save a life when in need
It is my firm belief that education on first aid practices at the school and university level is the most effective solution to this problem. There should be regular education and practical training. Educating people about first aid should also include other proven methods. What i am proposing is just an ideation.
The CPR app enables anyone to provide life-saving CPR without prior training using an AR filter.
The AR filter guides you to exact position for administrating CPR.
image 6.png
aclerometer 1_1x-60fps.gif
the AR filter will display the exact location and position for administering CPR. Place your phone on the person's lower torso, and the app will detect your movements using the phone's gyroscope and accelerometer. The app's algorithm suggests changes to ensure effective chest compressions based on a vast amount of data.
Adjust your speed / pressure according to the visual prompt provided on the phone and try to achieve good compression.
Effective Compression meter - trying to give proper compression can increase the chances of survival.
mouth to mouth part 2.gif
rescue breath.gif
The app guides you on when to give mouth-to-mouth breathing while continuing with chest compressions.
The CPR app not only saves lives but also promotes CPR awareness with its visual onboarding process, teaching users to perform CPR effectively in emergencies.
Information is available in most of the regional language of India 
aa 13_720p-30fps.gif
giffycanvas 3 3.gif
Our CPR app not only teaches users how to perform CPR effectively through a visual onboarding process, but also keeps their knowledge up-to-date with periodic push notifications and gamification features a step more to spread awareness By making CPR education fun and engaging, we're creating a community of individuals who are ready and willing to take action in an emergency. 


In conclusion, it's remarkable how many people have smartphones today, and this number is expected to double in the future. While this may not be the perfect solution, the increasing sophistication of technology, including AI, and investments in emerging technologies like metaverse and smart glasses, are blurring the line between humans and technology helping us solving problems like these .

Ideating and pushing the limits of a smartphone was challenging, but there is room for improvement yes there are many loopholes and considerations which I have missed maybe in future i will work on a final product but this was a good design exercise for me . I welcome your comments and feedback. Stay safe and stay active.

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