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Digital wellbeing mobile app 
 SPRINT BRIEF  - “Digital Detox” is an app designed for 18-35 year-olds to reduce screen time and enhance life quality. It uses gamification to motivate users towards real-world activities, helping them set and achieve screen time goals. The homepage is key, offering a clear mission statement and access to the app’s features for starting a digital detox.
Project Overview 🗺️ 
*Brand Analysis 


*App Design
*Interaction design 
*Visual Design

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Life beyond the screen.

Exploring the thoughtfully crafted design decisions shaping the digital detox app's user experience."

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What's Inside ? 

This project focuses on examining individual features and app functionalities and decision behind them a fun fast way to get ideas into visualization a MVP . 

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Engaging Welcome Message

Feature - This is the loading screen before users enters in the app , it has a strong message to provoke emotions , it changes every other time the app is loaded , A prominent Call-to-Action button invites goal setting, setting the tone for goal-oriented usage inside the app.

Reasoning  - This is the first interaction of users and it should be powerful , when you read the message and see the CTA you create an idea of action.
Ex - Reclaim your time --- (and to do that ) ---Set Goals
this create a strong intent why one is using this app.

Placing the CTA in loading screen strategically reinforces goal-centric usage, fostering a deliberate and purposeful user experience within the app. (1).gif

Companion for constant support and Daily Inspiration

Feature - Companion a dynamic assistance advising , encouraging and supporting you with motivational quotes , facts , tips and much more. It knows when to get your attention and it does it with delight .

Reasoning - we are addicted to screens and it needs a constant support and guidance. No one stop quote or motivation will help users in long run , Companion provides constant support and reminders so that our monkey mind doesn't get distracted .
dynamic logo is inspired from headspace 

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A prominent CTA which also works like one

Feature - Setting a goals is simple and fast one is familiar with this button from the loading screen , swiftly set goals and keep track of them - the tracking card stays there just like the music player we know e.g Spotify. but we are keeping track of our goals and not music - so when we re-open app we know where to restart

Reasoning - Setting goals is effortless, but tracking them becomes cumbersome. Placing ongoing goals visibly at the app's bottom allows users to easily resume their journey, minimizing friction and maintaining focus on achieving objectives, similar to effortlessly playing the last heard music on music apps.

Screen Time Summary

Feature - The home screen has many dynamic cards to show and perform many action and info in a bento layout. Similarly one such card is screen on time take a quick glance on how you are doing or deep dive to know more, without leaving the current screen

Reasoning - A bento layout helps to pack information and summarise them - it is quantitative and qualitative rich. Users keep switching screen , getting into the loop of never leaving the device - whole experience here is crisp and fast - one can take deeper look when needed

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Feature - gamification features are simple it provides monetary benefits against the amount of time you saved , every 100 hr saved you get promotional discounts .

Reasoning - The user for this app is a tech savvy young person - these are people who shop online a lot and indulge in gamming this helps to create a competitive reward system which is valued and know to the users because it’s part of their lifestyle.

Gamification and productivity

Feature - Small community challenges and quick stats helps user to be more mindful. How one does compared to many people and where one ranks is a good motivator to analyse and do better  , To do focus work users can also use techniques like pomodoro which is easy and effective

Reasoning - Sometimes small tasks can give big results , also small tasks helps to break the big goal into smaller wins , helping users to keep going and not get frustrated.


Nav Bar

Feature - Nav bar is home to many supportive tools , community , profile and one more such feature is stats - It is all about how you performed and a place where you reflect upon your journey so far . It shows how you performed compared to others , saved time and much more - One can share their achievements on social media

Reasoning - A demography which is full on tech - and has a social life online always needs to share something what's best way to beat them in their own game - social share helps users to connect with same minded people showcase their achievement and also helps other people to join in .

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Working within tight time constraints was a significant challenge, but it revealed the compounding effect of years spent learning, understanding processes, and building a repository of ideas and visuals. This project showcased how these accumulated skills enabled me to deliver under pressure. It's a reminder that in the fast-paced world of design, our past experiences continue to shape our future possibilities

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