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a slowcial-media platform, which tries to solve our constant addiction in this new digital world but with a twist.
Project Overview 🗺️ 
*Problem Identification

*User Interview

*Affinity mapping
*user persona
*App Design
*Interaction design 
*Visual Design
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Increased socialization on digital platforms ( Instagram, Facebook, etc) has changed our lives for good and for bad.

This project, moonflower, focuses on the negative impact of the same and tries to regain the lost intimacy of human connection with physical + digital interactions.

Summarized case study 
Problems with current social media platforms 
Understanding Socialization
Research -
Negative Effects of Social Media
Insights & Brief creation 
User Research & Interview 
User persona &
Story boarding
Ideations & Prototyping
App design 

Share your exclusive journals with the people who matter to you


You can unlock messages by scanning the moon like QR code


Engage in conscious socialization , add intrigue and value to each connection

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Create a journal with notes from different points of your life, whether they're happy or sad, to use as inspiration for writing moonflower messages to your friends. Use blocks to make your journal and include pictures, audio, text, or doodles for endless possibilities.

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send notes to your close friends and it will be delivered on full moon day 

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moon phase.png

Notification center where all your notes  grows and blooms on full moon day (4).gif
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when you send a message to friends it can be only accessed on a full moon day every month ...
you access it by scanning the moon as a code. once the message is sent it grows daily with the phases of the moon in your friends garden ( notification center )

With the phasing of the moon, your received notes will fade away, and you will wait for new flowers to bloom ( notes ) - also different flower ever month in your garden to keep things interesting

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Flowers are something that has been there in human culture,
everywhere on the planet across societies, we all have received flowers, its presence has always been there from birth to death and in between.

Same goes for moon , in all cultures it has some important significance 

it's a subtle way of conversation.
from nature to nature by nature.

it takes time for a flower to grow,
same for moon in it's phases 
and same applies  for human connection
there needs to be a certain amount of effort which goes into it.

So Moonflower.

why moon.png
black dot bg 1.png

You must create an archive to save a note. This is a physical code you draw and then scan, so the next time you access the note, you scan the code you drew.

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Why so much effort?

The concept is about valuing human connections and making memories intentionally. It involves putting in effort and thinking carefully about what we want to share.

For example, a mother cooking for you or You building IKEA furniture with loved ones adds value because of the effort put into it, humans put efforts in things which are important . 

Moonflower encourages us to prioritize effort over mindless scrolling for instant gratification. It advocates for a balance between our digital and physical lives.

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This project posed unique challenges due to the pandemic, pushing me to innovate in conducting user research and gaining valuable insights. Addressing the broad topic of socialization, I delved into the intricacies of human behavior and emotions. This deep understanding informed the development of my solution, Moonflower. 

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