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Waitlist Experience Design
Early access waiting list experience design for a startup app to create hype amongst new users.
Project Overview 🗺️ 
*Brand Analysis 


*App Design
*Interaction design 
*Visual Design


This Assignment was done for a Startup who is launching an app , the brief was already given and I proposed my design solutions , the name of the brand is not mentioned for obvious reasons. 


To create a delightful waitlist experience that encourages users to keep visiting the app over and over, generating hype and engagement.

Brand Analysis


- Trust 
- Collaborative 
- Caring , Fun
- Tribe


- Gen z 

- Age 18 - 40
- High Income 

Brand Design 




Current Waiting list 

Group 15.png

Considering the brand identity and design, and the targeted audience, the current wait list flow seems very dull and uninspiring. The current design lacks to cater to their audience who are on social media platforms exposed to an insane amount of visuals and stories and experiences

Design Approach 


Make users feel the brand cares for them - they don't talk with the masses, but with you.


Design things like toys and see humans play with it . in order to increase engagement 

Community focused 

Look at me, I belong to this community, they make me feel special

Wireframing and ideations 

Proposed idea for waitlist experience design is what users will see after inputting their email ID.


While creating an account on the platform, users can choose an avatar to add more personalization and fun

Either use the pre-build one or create your own.


This waitlist design  is inspired by tickets, so consider it your ticket to the platform


This view shows the first time interaction with waitlist

All tasks are stored here , complete task to move up in waiting list 

The dynamic card shows your position in real time as you get closer to getting in the platform 


Invite your friends and make one of your best friends stand with you.

You can engage your audience with notifications and quick CTAs on this dynamic interactive card 

Opening the app every time is a new and fresh experience without losing any continuity, creating curiosity 

Cards are a great and beautiful way to show how the platform works with  daily updates, news, and features that interact directly with users. 


Get credit for being part of a cool community by sharing these cool cards


Working within tight time constraints was a significant challenge, but it revealed the compounding effect of years spent learning, understanding processes, and building a repository of ideas and visuals. This project showcased how these accumulated skills enabled me to deliver under pressure. It's a reminder that in the fast-paced world of design, our past experiences continue to shape our future possibilities

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